About the Book

Preserving Wealth:
The Next Generation

“Toronto-based research firm, Strategic Insight, projects that approximately $1-trillion in personal wealth will be transferred from one generation to the next in Canada between 2016 and 2026, with roughly 70% of that in the form of financial assets.”

– Advisors Edge – January 30, 2018

“70% of Wealth Transfers fail.”

– The Future of Estate Planning. Trusts and Estates – June 2010

Jack Lumsden is an experienced financial advisor who uses an easy-to-read narrative style to clarify financial planning concepts that everyone needs to know.

Preserving Wealth explains:

– Investment strategies to provide for growth and protection of capital,
– How to develop an effective estate transfer plan to reduce estate costs and taxes,
– Strategies to preserve wealth and safeguard an inheritance or gift for the next generation,
– How to select an executor, and what to do if you are an executor,
– The critical discussions to have with your family, and
– How to assemble a financial team.


168 pages





Publish Date

September 21, 2020

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